Hydra roller - 64 needles

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Hydraroller 64 needles - 0.5mm, 1mm


Hydra Roller helps toproducecollagen and absorb skincare products.

Hydra Roller with glass bottle mix nanoneedles with essence liquid and imports it automatically.


  • Good to use as a self-therapy
  • fastresult
  • Effective serum delivery into the skin
  • For bone area - 0.5mm for thick skin use 1mm

Good to use with:

  • Innotox
  • Vitamins and serums
  • Peptides serums
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin cocktails

How To Use:
Disinfect thestamp before and after each use
Recommended to apply annumbing cream before use
Cleanse the area you want to work on and apply numbing cream
Fill the sterilized bottle withthe product
Stamp on desired area using light pressure, overlapping 50% at the time
Stamp treating area twice of more
Use soothing face mask after treatment
Do not wash the face for 24 hours
Sterilize theHydraroller and bottle with medical alcohol before and after use
Store the Hydraroller and bottle carefully. Keep out of reach from children
Be careful with the glass bottle
Get consultationfrom your doctor before use any kind of products with the stamp
Take into consideration if you have any kind of allergies
Dermatosis patients are forbidden to use
Personal use only, do not share with others.

Package - 1 box / 1 pcs


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