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3-step Triple Care:

1step / Callus dead skin removal

2step / Moisture care

3step / Skin barrier reinforcement

Adhesivity & Usability:

 Softly spread and applied texture

Clean absorption & smooth skin texture

Usability without stickiness after use


Urea 10% (100,000 ppm)

Human Cord Blood Cell Conditioned Media

Ceramide NP

Centella Asiatica Axtract


Reviews for UREA-10 RETURN CREAM

    Kelley Karovich 2023-03-04 17:57:00

    WOW what an AMAZING PRODUCT! I live in NorthEast Ohio USA and purchased this lotion for my feet. BEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED! Purchased it for the UREA and Panthanol ingredients but I am BLOWN AWAY at the results!Just put some on the back of my hands before bedtime and my hands have never been so soft and smooth.My feet and those of my daughter are in the best shape they have ever been. I will be buying this for my family as gifts because it is so amazing. I highly recommend this lotion for anyone who has dry spots on body and rough dry feey. Better than the more expensive foot lotions I have purchased over my 54 years.

    Estaderma Team!

    Dear Kelley, it is so amazing to know that this cream is doing wonders for you and your daughter. We are sure your relatives will love just as much!

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